With 1 in 5 relationships in the UK starting online, how can you make sure that you have the best possible chance of finding love. Counselling can help to explore the anxiety around finding a new partner. Take a look at my top tips for women seeking love.

Live Your Best Life!

1) Make sure that you are ‘living your best life’. How will your potential mate know how you expect to be treated, when you are not treating yourself in this way? Create a profile that shows the places you’ve visited, or you taking part in an interesting hobby. A clear picture with a big smile, as well as full length pictures help your potential mate be sure of what you really look like. Enjoy being in your own company, before inviting someone else to join you. If you don’t enjoy being with you, why would someone else? – make sure your love for yourself and for life comes across in your pictures and profile. Don’t wait for Romeo to be zapped directly to your living room – create the life you desire!

Be Bold!

2) Send your potential mate a message first. “No way!” I hear you shriek! Well, what do you have to lose? Just saying ‘Hi, how you doing? Could really break the ice. That may be enough for him to actively engage in conversation with you. Don’t wait for him to message you first – make yourself visible. Men often say “if only women would give me a sign”. Just think how excited you feel, when you receive a message from a lovely guy.

Turn up the volume!

3) And finally don’t waste your time. Your time is precious! Your gut instinct is rarely wrong and is often talking to you much louder than you may realise. It all depends on just how low you’ve turn the volume on the internal voice that is guiding you. Women can sometimes spend more time convincing themselves that a man could be the ‘one’, instead of looking at the signs. If you have a strong feeling that the man you are dating isn’t treating you with dignity and respect, then listen to the internal voice that is telling you what to do next. It’s not difficult to hear the voice, when you turn up the volume!

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A Modern Way of Finding Love?

Written by Charlene Douglas.

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