I offer an individual and couple counselling service in Central London and Dartford tailored to meet your needs. I specialise in psychosexual and relationship issues.

Psychodynamic Counselling

What is Psychodynamic Counselling? Is it for me?

Individual Psychodynamic Counselling can either be short-term or long-term to help you deal with a traumatic experience, feelings of depression, anxiety etc. It provides you with a confidential, non-judgmental, safe space to talk through your feelings and emotions. Sometimes unconscious behaviours can lead you to make the same choices in life, leaving you feeling isolated and frustrated. Weekly sessions are usually recommended to gain the most from your therapy. As a counsellor my aim is to help you to alleviate stress and find a greater sense of meaning. Together we can explore the cause of any pain and anxiety at a pace that works for you. I also offer individual psychosexual therapy for sex and relationship issues.

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Couples counselling can provide the space for you to discuss your relationship difficulties with your partner together with your counsellor. Perhaps the issue is related to infidelity, a lack in sexual desire, communication /trust issues, intimacy difficulties etc. Your counsellor may give you homework tasks, or/ and activities to participate in during your session. A weekly commitment is advisable. Together you can explore solutions that will create a healthier
environment for both you and your partner, where your individual needs may also be fulfilled.

Intensive Couple One Off Session

If you’ve had a major issue arise with your partner and feeling unable to get past it, an Intensive (2 hours) couple session might just be what you need. This session gives you a taste of couple counselling with some practical next steps, with suggestions on how you could get past the situation. Book Now.

Psychosexual Therapy

What is Psychosexual Therapy? Is it for me?

Have you noticed a problem with your sexual functioning? Maybe this has been worrying you and you feel that you should speak to a professional. Get in touch and speak to a professional who may be able to help you to understand your difficulties and suggest solutions. Some sexual dysfunctions are caused due to psychological factors. Get in touch with us if you would like psychosexual therapy to help with sexual issues. These could include:

– Erectile Dysfunction
– Issues relating to sexual abuse
– Difficulties relating to orgasms
– Sexual Abuse / Violence
– Vaginismus
– Vulvodynia
– Lack of Desire
– Sex / Porn Addiction

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